What are timebands?

A ‘timeband’ is the time of day that programmes of a certain classification can be broadcast.

Knowing the timebands is also a good way to protect your children from content that might be inappropriate for them. If you know what can play at what time you know what to expect.


What are the new timebands?

The new timebands are pretty easy to understand:

  • G and PG programmes can screen at anytime
  • M programmes can screen when school-aged kids are at school (from 9am to 3pm on weekdays except during school and public holidays) and after 7.30pm until 5am
  • Programmes classified 16 can screen after 8.30pm until 5am
  • Programmes classified 18 can screen after 9.30pm until 5am

The timebands are slightly different during school holidays and public holidays to reflect when tamariki might be watching. This means that between 9am and 3pm on weekdays during school term, M programmes can show, but not during weekends, school or public holidays.