Tools to keep kids safe

Choosing the right content for your family can be challenging. But broadcasters provide you with a range of ways to help you decide what is suitable for your tamariki and rangitahi. On free-to-air television there are several easy ways you can make sure that what they watch is going to be OK for them, including:

  • Setting parental locks on your TV or set-top box
  • Checking the classifications
  • Knowing the times when M, 16 and 18 classification programmes can play
  • Looking out for audience advisories: symbols and warnings
  • Talking to your kids about what they watch, how it makes them feel and what upsets them
  • If they see something that upsets them, talk to them about it. Check out some of the resources on our resources section.
  • You can also look up reviews of many programmes on the internet - see our resources section.